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nau_logoWithout Coach Paul Martinez and All American Speed & Strength I may not have ever received my scholarship to NAU. Coach Martinez gave me the tools to compete at a higher level. I owe a great deal to Coach Martinez. He is the best Speed and Strength Coach that I have ever worked with. I will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done me.

Corbin Jountii- Tailback # 23
Northern Arizona University

miami_logo Paul Martinez has coached me for the past six years. I started with Coach Martinez the summer before my freshman year of high school. The first time I ran the 40 yard dash for Coach Martinez it was an unimpressive 5.35. By the end of my senior year with a lot of hard work and coaching I ran a legitimate 4.59 second 40 yard dash. As my teacher and coach in high school I have tremendous respect for Coach Martinez. During all the speed camps and workouts every single person in the camp, which was over a hundred kids and adults combined, respected and listened to Coach Martinez. I have had many coaches and teachers and Coach Martinez is definitely one of the best I have had. He knows how to push his athletes to the brink and he knows when enough is enough. You can see how much Coach Martinez cares about his athletes; he constantly watches for injuries and makes sure his athletes are in the best possible condition to compete at their very best. Coach Martinez’s instruction and guidance has helped throughout my athletic career. I am a Division 1 full-ride scholarship athlete going to the University of Miami to play football. I feel that Coach Martinez has helped me reach where I am today. I look forward to continue working with Coach Martinez throughout the rest of my athletic career. He has become my friend and my mentor. I am truly blessed to work with and be coached by Paul Martinez.

Dalton Botts – Punter # 13
University of Miami Hurricanes

pcc_logoCoach Paul Martinez coached me from my freshmen year in high school through my senior year. The skills that coach taught me went deeper than just playing sports. He promoted a family atmosphere and taught me the value of hard work. He is a father figure to me and I know I can always depend on him. Coach Martinez runs a top-notch speed and strength program that pushes athletes and challenges them in ways they have never been challenged before. Coach would never overwork athletes like some trainers do. He is a genuine caring person who I hold the utmost respect for. His training would always prepare me for D1 summer football camps I attended and I would do very well at them simply because the techniques that they were trying to teach, were already taught to me before hand by Coach Martinez. He prepares his athletes well. I am a collegiate athlete; I play defensive tackle for the Pasadena City College Lancers. I feel that I would not have even attended college if not for the guidance of Coach Paul Martinez. He is a great mentor/coach and any person would benefit from his teachings. Have a great day and God bless!

Lio Maino
Pasadena City College

harding_logoMy name is Loren Kolb and I have been under the coaching of Paul Martinez for four years. Coach Martinez is an exceptional coach who is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I first came in contact with coach Martinez the summer before I began my freshman year of high school at a speed and strength program and he told me then, back when I was tall and thin, that he would make an athlete out of me if I stuck with the program. That is exactly what he did. I believe that the four years that I had under coach Martinez played a big role in where I am today. I now will be transferring in the fall to Harding University, a division II school located in Searcy, Ark., on an athletic scholarship where I will play wide receiver. Paul Martinez is not only an incredible coach and expects the best out of you, but he is also very personal and truly cares for his athletes. It has been a blessing to have been coached by Paul Martinez. I am glad to say I can call him my coach and my friend.

Loren Kolb – Wide Reciever # 88
Harding University