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Welcome to All American Speed & Strength

With over 20 years experience we offer Speed & Strength training for Kern County and the Bakersfield area. We offer certified Nike/SPARQ (Speed Power Agility Reaction & Quickness) Training. Coach Paul Martinez is the only Certified Nike/SPARQ trainer in Kern County. We are here to develop athletes of all ages, boys and girls in becoming quicker, stronger and faster. We concentrate on proper running form to increase all of our athlete’s athletic ability. Through a series of skills and drills we improve athletes speed, strength, explosion, quickness and lateral movement.

We pride ourselves on making all of our athletes run faster and move quicker by developing their quick twitch fibers. We are a non-sport specific training camp. We work with all sports Football, Track & Field, Baseball, Soccer, Softball and Basketball athletes. We have a great relationship with area high schools; training some of their finest athletes in helping them move quicker, run faster and jump higher. We have a partnership with the AYSO and GEYF (Golden Empire Youth Football) working in team settings, helping each of their teams reach their success goals.

We offer both group and individual speed & strength training. With our specific sprint and quickness drills, body strength exercises, and dedication to developing core strength we are proud to say that we have been successful in helping all of our athletes improve their athletic performance.

All American Speed & Strength is the Premier Speed & Strength Program in the Kern County area.

Training Time is 6:00pm Monday-Thursday at Mondavi Park

You will not find a more qualified program in Kern County.